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We provide a range of services - face-to-face or online to support girls and women locally and globally.

Life coaching

One-to-One Coaching Sessions

  • We coach women who have been through domestic abuse, and we support them to move forward free from abuse. 

  • We provide self-esteem and confidence building coaching 

  • We provide Professional business coaching support 

  • We support young people in schools who need support 

  • We deliver supervision coaching to professionals and leaders. 

  • We deliver 121 support for leaders in their profession 

Group Coaching Sessions

  • We coach girl groups

  • We provide support to start-up businesses  

  • We provide group hate crime support for organisations 

  • We support groups on Race issues. 

  • We support mediation in the workplace 

  • coaching women who have suffered domestic abuse put their lives back together 

  • We are fully inclusive on LGBTQI  support 

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Training Events

  • Specific events supporting building self-esteem and confidence/Inspirational events. 

  • We deliver training and inspirational events for women and their families to develop self-esteem and employability. 

  • We deliver Child Sexual Exploitation for children transitioning into secondary schools. 

  • We deliver training for parents on e-safety issues. 

  • We deliver training to children on safety issues. 

  • We provide advocacy support to individuals who request it. 

  • We deliver various other empowerment events. 

Online Courses

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Online Class

Universities we work with

  • LSE 

  • UCL 





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