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About Us

The Inner Strength Network (I.S.N) was set up with the aim of supporting women and girls and their families to overcome difficult moments in their lives.

We are committed to gender equality issues working in the community to improve women's and girls' aspirations, physical and emotional health and well-being and to support families who have been disadvantaged, discriminated or faced injustice. 

Our Aims


I.S.N provides coaching, mentoring and practical support to women and girls (and their families) supporting them to overcome difficult moments in their lives. We support them to find inner strength, build resilience and aspirations. We support their physical and emotional health and well-being needs. 

I.S.N plays a significant role in delivering key aspects of the Government’s Violence Against Women and Girls  ( VAWG) Strategy in Merton and neighbouring boroughs by supporting women and girls to realise their potential, develop life skills to overcome traumatic situations such as, Child Sexual Exploitation, gender-based violence discrimination; poor mental health, and low self-esteem issues. 





Maureen Bailey

Maureen Bailey FRSA LLB (Hons) is an award-winning experienced women and equalities specialist with over 25 years' experience. She fully supports other women’s organisations.  She tackles the whole life development issues empowering all to excel.  

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Our Vision and Mission

To be the  leading coaching service in Merton supporting women and girls.  

We are proud to have made an impact in supporting thousands of women and girls overcome and we are delighted to be recognised as an excellent two-tier service for mental health support to young people, to businesswomen and to our women who have suffered domestic abuse. 

To support other organisations to be the best they can be helping the community we serve. 

We continue to help CEO's in business learn how to maintain their wellness in the midst of dealing with difficult situations in the workplace. This includes helping headteachers, voluntary organisations and other charities. Some of these organisations have gone on to win awards and have grown a successful business. 

We support young people on how to stay safe using excellent ISN resilience prevention training.

We are delighted that schools within Merton and across boroughs have found our resilience programmes helpful to their students during transition, during difficult problems young people face, during trauma. These sessions focus on self-esteem and confidence for both boys and girls in schools. 

We believe in supporting women and girls to excel even after abuse. 

This is includes helping them to get jobs, volunteer, set up their own business, go back to college/university and much more.  

We believe in coaching you to success and  supporting you to build; 

  • Character in your organisation; 

  • Competence as individuals ( by enhancing your skills) and; 

  • Creativity supporting well-being, enhanced discussion and events 

Our Team

 Girls Co-ordinator


Women's Co-ordinator


Budget Co-ordinator


Communications Officer


We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Board

Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

CEO/Board Member



  • London Community Foundation 

  • Children in Need 

  • VAWG Mopac (Mayor’s office) 

  • Merton Council 

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Thank you to our 
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Our Partners

 Children in Need 

 MOPAC Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) 

 Merton Giving 

 Wimbledon Foundation 

 Safer Merton partnership 

Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) 

Community Champions work 

Community Safeguarding Champion work 

Hate Crime Work 

Stop and Search Committee work 

CEOP Education 

            Hate crime strategy group     

        Merton Mental Health Forum 

        Local Women's Refuge 

        University engagement  

       School engagement  

        Various Schools across boroughs 

        The UK Say No More  

 Thank you for all our former funders and partners which have included Kings College University, Comic Relief, Clarion Futures, and many other amazing organisations which have supported our work.

We Need Your Support.

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