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We Thrive 

Online Programme

This is an accredited free service for women and girls who want some knowledge about domestic abuse helping their recovery.  This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about how to thrive and rebuild their life after experiencing domestic abuse.


This programme will also be delivered face-to-face. 

Reading E-book in Park

The Survivor Recovery Programme is a free online programme, which provides a  transformational journey for women who have been victims of domestic violence. 

Reading E-book in Park

Section 1: Introduction to We Thrive
Section 2: The 7 Pillars of Recovery
Section 3: What is Domestic Abuse?
Section 4: The Power and Control Wheel
Section 5: Changes in the Law
Section 6: Healthy Relationships
Section 7: Assertiveness and Boundaries
Section 8: Affirmations 
Section 9: Self-Care and Meditations
Section 10: Now what – steps to move forward 

Online Modules

 "Thank you for your help and support for creating a safe space for me, for valuing me and believing in me.  Thank you for helping me see my potential and celebrating my victories, no matter how small.  You  have been my biggest cheerleader. Thank you for the positive effect you have had in my life"  

Domestic abuse survivour

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