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Maureen Bailey FRSA LLB (Hons) is an award-winning experienced women and equalities specialist with over 25 years' experience. She fully supports other women’s organisations.  She tackles the whole life development issues empowering all to excel.  

She is the CEO and Founder of the Inner Strength Network, The Leading ladies’ programmes, and the YASS programmes within schools raising awareness on healthy relationships and prevention against child sexual exploitation.

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Maureen was the first Head of Women's Issues Network for the Ministry of Justice and acted as an advisor to other government departments to set up effective networks.


Maureen has a passion for building self-esteem, overcoming abusive situations, and working effectively within the workplace. She is a coach. mentor, trainer providing one-to-one support for women and girls, including professionals.


In recognition of her success and achievements, Maureen was awarded the International Women of Excellence, Humanitarian Woman of the Year Award in 2008.


She is  a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Arts. (RSA) 

Thank you for your help and support for creating a safe space for me, for valuing me and believing in me.  Thank you for helping me see my potential and celebrating my victories, no matter how small.  You  have been my biggest cheerleader. Thank you for the positive effect you have had in my life" 

Domestic abuse survivour

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